How to Replace the Gear And Shaft in the Musso Stella Ice Cream Machine (Full DIY Guide)

After making the video in our YouTube channel(attached below) we wanted to make a text guide with pictures to make it even more easier for all of you. 

The full video guide : 


Lets start : 

First of all please make sure that you have the right gear or shaft (or both) for your machine , if you don't have yet , you can purchase it from us - link below : 

Gear & shaft for the Musso Stella : 

Gear & Shaft for the Musso Mini : 


Now please lets prepare the tools that are needed for this operation :

1.Phillips Screwdriver / drill 
2. Hex T key (easier to use compared to a simple hex key) 
3.Food grade grease


First step : 

Remove the blade screw nut and the blade from the machine and put them aside. 

 remove the nut and the blade - musso stella

Then ,use the screwdriver unscrew all of the screws from the machine's body and put then in a box so you won't lose them. 

unscrew all of the screws - musso stella

2nd step : 

Use the T hex key and unscrew the 2 bolts that holding the main container to the shaft in the back of the machine. 

unscrewing the bolts from the musso stella machine

Then pull up the container for an easy access to the gear and the shaft and use a stick to hold it in its place.

 stick that holding the main container - musso stella

3rd step: 

Take the screwdriver again and unscrew the 6 screws that holding the gear shield case to the body of the machine and keeping the gear connected to the motor. 

unscrew the screws that holding the metal shield

Then remove the old gear / shaft from its place ( its recommended to replace both gear and shaft if possible) , if only the gear is worn take both gear and shaft off and replace only the gear wheel with a new one. 

remove the old gear and shaft


4th step: 

Now , after you removed the old gear and shaft (or only the old gear / old shaft) , take the new one and put some food grade grease around the teeth of the gear,and on the connecting parts between the gear and the shaft too in order to have a better friction and make the life of your gear easier which will make it to last longer. 

grease on the gear

On the shaft and the connecting parts : 

grease on the shaft


5th step (last step) : 

Insert the new gear back to its place , make sure that its right on its position and put back the metal shield that holds the gear in place. 

insert the gear back to its place

Now the job is almost done , all you have to do is to put everything back to its place same as we removed it in the previous steps and after we done we can make sure that the machine is working properly. 

We hope that our guide helped you with fixing your musso ice cream machine , if it did - please share it with your friends or with anyone that could find it helpful too.

Let us know which guides you want us to make next ? share in the comments below.  

For more questions you are very welcome to contact us by Facebook or directly Send a message to our email : 


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