How to Solve La Pavoni Steam Valve Leaking Problem (Europiccola / Professional Models)

In this video we wanted to show you how to fix the very common Issue that sometimes occur in the La Pavoni Europiccola or Professional Espresso machines including the EN / EL / PL / PRG / ELH / GRL and more.

The issue:
The issue starts when you see a big amount of steam leaking out of the pressure valve in the top right part of the machine, this issue will Not allow your machine to build enough pressure inside the boiler so You won't be able to brew coffee or steam milk properly.

The solution:
The solution is very quick and easy, all you need is a big wooden Spoon - it's very important to use a wooden spoon or stick in order to not damaging the machine or scratch it. Once you have it , all you have to do is to hit the valve with the spoon Very gently till you don't see any steak coming out of the valve, that's It! after a short amount of time (10 min~) you should see the machine Building pressure normally.

How to Solve La Pavoni Steam Valve Leaking Problem (Europiccola / Professional Models)
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  • Minipcaffe team

    Hi dear Lev , please try to turn of your machine and let it cool down for a few hours , then please try to turn it on again and see if its happening again , if the wooden spoon solution don’t work , contact the place that you bought the machine from , you may have a problem with your valve.

    Thank you , MiniPCaffe team.

  • Lev Shetsen

    Did that and it did not work, machine is brand new and start leaking on the first use.

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