Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

If you are a coffee lover, you must be making several trips to the coffee shop. The sweet smell of a brewed coffee is irresistible, especially during the winter season.

Buying a coffee machine would be a great idea. You will not only save what you spend at the coffee shop, but you will also make your preferred coffee in the comfort of your home. However, we understand choosing a good espresso machine is challenging especially if it’s your first time.

 In this article, we will review five of the best espresso machines for home use in 2021 in a different price levels.

We shall discuss their features in-depth so that you may identify what suits your needs and your budged.

 Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

Disclaimer: before we start, it’s important to know that any espresso machine should have a decent matching grinder, in order take a good advantage of the potential of the machine. Without it – even the best espresso machine in the list will provide an average coffee (or below).


5.Rancilio Silvia V6

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

This espresso machine is popular because of its accommodative budget. It is recommended for home or a small office use, and it has an energy-saving boiler and a semi-automatic operation.

The machine was built with high-quality materials, and therefore you can trust its durability.

Features and Benefits

Lead-Free Boiler

This machine is constructed of brass, and that makes it the best. This is because brass is rust-resistant and can adjust to the heating and cooling cycles. In addition, the machines thermal has a heavy brass wrapping and therefore, it can take and keep the heat evenly.

Safety and Control

The Rancilio Silvia V6 boasts three thermostats on its boiler. One thermostat is for safety. The other one maintains proper brewing temperature, while the third one controls the steam making temperature. If this espresso machine happens to overheat, the safety thermostat will trip and turn off the heating device. You can easily reset the thermostat once it cools off. This feature ensures that there is no risk involved when brewing the coffee.

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021


Silvia has a special place when it comes to milk steaming. It has one of the best steaming power and production for its price range. Once you turn on the steam switch, you will have enough steam for making a few cappuccinos or lattes. In addition, the machine has a simple steam wand and chrome tube, which comes in handy to enhance the frothing. Besides, the wand is easy to clean.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • It is energy saving
  • Easy to install.
  • Small footprint.


  • Relatively a small single boiler compared to other machines in the list.

For more details and purchase click here


4.La Pavoni PL Professional

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

This espresso machine is made to meet all of your coffee needs perfectly. It designed to make the best shot of espresso for the manual machine lovers, and therefore you should not hesitate to have it if you have the will to practice on mastering the machine. It has a large boiler, and you can make more shots depending on the number of people. The machine not only looks good but also brews excellent espresso. The following machines features are the reasons why it’s a must-have.


The La Pavoni PL machine will make a statement in your kitchen, thanks to its design. It is made of copper and shining brass, and this makes it very appealing. You can be sure that anyone who enters your kitchen will fall in love with it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

An espresso machine should be easy to clean and maintain, and La Pavoni is not short of that. You don’t need any reminder lights or de-scaling apps. You only need to run several liters of water and vinegar through the machine, and it will be sparkling clean. In addition, the machine is easy to maintain because it is well polished and doesn’t tarnish.

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021


An espresso machine should be durable. Unlike the plastic made cheap espresso machines, the La Pavoni PL professional is strongly built. It has a coat of brass and copper, which enhances its longevity. Therefore, you should be able to enjoy from it for years to come.


  • It has a pressure gauge.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Makes great coffee.
  • Small footprint.


  • No cup warmer.
  • Takes some time to master.

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3. Nuova Simonelli OSCAR II

Nuova Simonelli OSCAR 2 Red / black

Your search for an affordable and user-friendly espresso machine comes to an end with the Oscar 2.

It is a great machine for home use due to its many features but still with a very affordable price tag. This machine has all the components needed for brewing espresso or cappuccinos with great taste at home.

Features and Benefits


The Nuova Simonelli machine is semiautomatic, meaning that you are the one to control the whole process of making your favorite coffee, from grinding beans you like to the exact finest for your needs, to the milk steaming and the ratio preferred.

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

Volumetric Control Panel

Unlike most of the Espresso machines, here you have the digital buttons instead of the brewing handle to start or stop the coffee brewing process.

The Volumetric programming lets you set your ideal single or double shot dispense time same as at the commercial machines for a consistent extraction time after time.   


This machine will be the centerpiece of your kitchen because it is relatively compact. The design allows it to sit nicely on any platform, whether it is a kitchen island or a countertop.


  • Digital control panel
  • Big heat exchanger boiler.
  • Easy to operate
  • Great steaming pressure.
  • Cup warmer.


  • No hot water tap.

For more details and purchase click on the links below: 

Red version.

Black version.

2. Elektra Semiautomatica

Elektra Semiautomatica Microcasa

This is an excellent masterpiece from the Elektra Company in Italy, and it is a must-have machine if you love coffee and its classic true Italian design. You will love it for its elegant appeal and outstanding performance, enabling it to meet all your coffee expectations in the prettiest package in the market. Here are some of its essential features below:

Features and Benefits

Great Italian Design

First thing that comes in mind when you see the Semiautomatica is how beautiful it is! Made from the best materials and well designed in the "Belle Époque" style, whether you are a coffee enthusiast or an art lover, this machine would be perfect piece of art in your kitchen. 

Heat Exchanger Boiler

This espresso machine has a heat exchanger boiler for keeping the brewing water at a stable temperature while allowing you enough hot water and steam for a continuous usage. The boiler is long-lasting brass made boiler, with a capacity of 2 liters that provides enough volume for both steaming and brewing. It is also great in the creation of a micro-foam because it gives a lot of perfect dry steam while frothing milk. The boiler has a unique valve at the top, which helps in relieving pressure when needed.

Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021


You will love this espresso machine for its easy to use control panel. Only a few switches controls the machine what makes it very easy and intuitive to use.


  • Great Italian design
  • Easy to control panel
  • Commercial style heat exchanger
  • It takes little time to warm up
  • Making great coffee.


  • It doesn’t have a cup warmer

For more details and purchase click on the links below : 

Copper and brass finish.

Chrome finish.

1. Rocket R58 Cinquantotto

Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Espresso Machine

This classic Italian coffee machine is the best among the other machines in the list, and it is worth your money if you can afford it. The new R58 is a sophisticated and updated version of its predecessor. Brings its classic Rocket E61 design but with many new features that makes this machine even better than before.

Features and benefits

Dual Boilers

    The R58 machine comes with two boilers in its stainless steel body. As one boiler heats your brewing water, the other one is heating the steaming water. Besides saving your time, this feature ensures you make the tastiest coffee always, in the exact temperature you picked using the PID controller, 2 separate boilers will always make sure that you have more than enough steam and hot water at any time.

    Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021

    Direct-connect plumbing

      With the Cinquantotto machine, you have plumbing options. Unlike most espresso machines, this machine has a direct connect feature, meaning it is hooked up to your water source. Therefore, it will keep on refilling its reservoirs, unlike the pour-over machines that require you to fill it with water. This reduces the time you spend refilling the water manually, especially while you make coffee for a large number of people.

      Touch Screen Temperature Controller

        The water pressure and temperature are critical in making some tasty coffee. Therefore, that means you need to have control over the two aspects. Fortunately, this is possible with the Rocket R58 espresso machine. It has a touch screen temperature controller on which you can control the temperature in the dual boilers and any other features in the machine.


        • Dual boilers
        • Commercial E61 group head.
        • Professional touch screen temperature controller (PID).
        • Quiet rotary pump.
        • Could work with either water reservoir or the main water system.


        • Price

        For more details and purchase click here

        Top 5 Espresso Machines for Home in 2021


        All of the above are great in their price range, each of them have their own pros and cons as we discussed earlier. They are known for making great and tasty coffee, but performance speaking there is no doubt that the new Rocket R58 comes on top of the list for a good reason.

        Although they are all-good and will do a great job, the new Rocket R58 Cinquantotto will take your coffee making to the next level, thanks to its commercial style group head, dual dedicated boilers for brewing and steaming, its high end touch screen controlled temperature controller and its silent rotary pump.

        Bottom line: you cannot go wrong with any of the above but if your budged allows it, the R58 is the best espresso machine money can get in our opinion.

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