The first thing you should know about drinking espresso is that; espresso beans are the same as coffee beans. Don’t let the tag on espresso beans label fool you; there is no such thing as an espresso roast. The supposed espresso roast is no different from coffee beans.

There are two types of coffee from the family Coffee known as Arabica and Robusta, although most people can’t tell the difference between these two beans species, expert espresso drinkers can.

Now that we have established that coffee and espresso are made from the same beans species, we will go further by looking at the difference between coffee and espresso.

Difference between Coffee and Espresso

The most significant difference between coffee and espresso is the brewing time and the fineness of the grinding process. Unlike drip coffee brewing, espresso is made by an espresso machine that is capable of generating up to 15 ATM of pressure to force the nearly boiling water through it.

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What Makes Espresso Unique

If you want to enjoy a shot of espresso, finely grind with a unique taste, then you should have a good espresso machine that is in a perfect working condition. Because the brewing process is what differentiates an espresso coffee from drip coffee, high priority needs to be placed on the kind of espresso machine used. If the espresso machine is in poor condition, the beans will not be adequately grinded and the espresso coffee, in turn, wouldn’t taste great! So in conclusion, an espresso gets its uniqueness from a perfect working espresso machine.

Why You Should Drink Espresso

Espresso is a perfect combination of various types of coffee beans all over the world, the seeds used in the making espresso finely grinds to give off an extra smooth texture which ensures a distinct taste. The beans used for espresso coffee are roasted until they are oily looking.

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The Health Benefits of Espresso

Everybody knows a good espresso coffee keeps our brain in gear, opens our eye, gives us energy, etc. but a shot of espresso comes with more health benefits than you can imagine.

Espresso coffee increases your ability to maintain apt attention. This is achieved by keeping an excellent dopamine concentration especially in crucial parts of the brain that are connected to paying attention.

A shot of espresso coffee in your diet can help you lose weight. Asides from the fact that espresso is low in calories, a shot of espresso can enhance your exercise performance. Study has shown that workouts engaged in after a shot of espresso appear less strenuous.

Due to the powerful antioxidants contained in espresso, it lessens the risk of suffering from a stroke. According to a study conducted by Susanna Larsson, a cup of espresso a day reduces your chances of suffering from a stroke by 25%.

Although most people find this hard to believe, espresso is capable of lowering your risk to diabetes. According to a research study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, increased espresso coffee consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

In Parkinson's disease, higher espresso coffee intake noticeably lowers susceptibility to Parkinson's disease.

As per liver cancer, espresso coffee is not left out either. The amount of active components contained in espresso coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer by 40%. This study was carried out by Dr. Carlo La Vecchia.

In conclusion, don’t feel guilty about you espresso coffee intake when next you take an espresso coffee, take time to savor its rich taste bearing in mind the health benefits discussed above. And don’t forget, right espresso coffee is made from a suitable espresso machine

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