How to choose an espresso Coffee Machine for Home Use in 2018

How to choose an espresso Coffee Machine for Home Use in 2018

Getting an espresso coffee machine for home use is a great idea if you love taking great coffee. The reason for this is; as an owner of an espresso coffee machine in 2018, you will have the freedom of making your coffee anytime you want to and exactly how you want it.

In as much as getting an espresso coffee machine is a brilliant idea, making the perfect choice for an espresso coffee machine can sometimes be an uphill task. There are lots of questions to be asked as well as lots of factors to be considered when getting an espresso coffee machine. If you are buying an espresso coffee machine for the first time and have no idea of what you should look out for, you do not have to worry. We have got you covered.

Below are some factors that you should consider when getting an espresso coffee machine for home use in 2018.

How much are you willing to Spend and what Quality do you want?

As a rule of thumb, the more expensive an espresso coffee machine is, the better its quality.

The quality of an espresso machine is one of the most critical factors that you should consider when choosing one. Always bear in mind that to get top quality, durability and consistency from a machine, you will still have to spend some money. The fact that the device is something that you will use on a daily basis means it is something that is worth sacrificing for. Now, you do not have to drill a hole in your pocket before getting a good quality espresso machine. However, when getting an espresso machine, always aim to get the best machine within your budget.

There are three levels of espresso machine based on budget. If you are looking to get an espresso machine but have a low budget, then level 1 machine, the Quick Mill Pippa 4100 will be excellent.

With the price tag of 994.28$ only, you will get a proper semi automatic machine with a 58mm portafilter and a nice Semi-professional brewing group, in addition to that you will get a 1000W heating element which will make sure that the machine is heating up quickly.

QuickMill 4100 Pippa 

Product page link

QuickMill 4100 Pippa

Well, if you are an average income earner and want to get a level 2 espresso machine, then, you should consider buying the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II.

One of the best value for money machines out there, super famous machine – for a good reason!

The machine is equipped with huge boiler of 2.0L and heat exchange with a powerful heating element of 1200W, those will make sure that you always have hot water for brewing and enough steam for your milk at the same time!

With a price tag of 1,146.61$ this machine is unbeatable.

Nuova Simonelli OSCAR 2 

Product page link (red and black color) 

Nuova Simonelli OSCAR 2

For individuals that are ready to enjoy the great quality that level 3 espresso machines offer, the Rocket R58 will be perfect.

With a commercial pro E61 group head with a 58mm diameter, double boilers – one for steaming and one for brewing coffee with 1400W heating element each, PID controller for temperature stabilization and full commercial rotary pump this machine is one of the most professional machines for home and small business use.

Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

Product page link

Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

Reliability and Durability are of Colossal Importance

You do not have to wait until you make use of an espresso machine before finding out how durable it is. If you don't get to know how durable an espresso coffee machine is before buying it, you might be putting your hard earned money in the wrong place.

There are quite a number of ways to get to know how durable an espresso machine is before purchasing it. However, one very reliable way to know this is by watching and reading reviews from those that have made use of it in the past. Once you get convinced of the durability of a machine, it is good to get double sure by checking out its warranty.

How Much Space do you have in Your Home?

Espresso machines come in varying sizes and shapes. Some are compact and can fit into very tiny living areas while others are bulky and take up a large amount of space. This directly implies that space is of utmost importance in the choice of the right espresso machine for home use. You need to consider how big your home is. You do not want to pay for an espresso machine only to later find out that it is o big for your kitchen.

If you have ample space in your home, then the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 and the Rocket R58 will be ideal. However, if you have insufficient space, you can purchase the Quick Mill Pippa 4100.

Do you have the Time for Some Serious Cleaning?

There are various types of espresso coffee machines. While some of them need to be thoroughly cleaned up after use, some others are straightforward to clean and maintain. If you are not cut out for serious cleaning, ensure that you do not get an espresso coffee machine that requires a thorough cleaning after it gets used.

If you are not cut out for so much work, you can get one of the super automatic machines that out there, but you should know that you will never get the perfect espresso shot from those machine (there is a few reasons for that, but we will keep it for the next post). On the other hand, if a little bit of cleaning is something that you are very comfortable with, then the a semi automatic machine like the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2, the Rocket R58 and Quick Mill Pippa 4100 will suit your lifestyle.

How Much time do you want to spend using your espresso?

If convenience is top on your list, then you should consider getting either a super-automatic espresso or a capsule-based espresso machine. However, if you love working, then, a top quality semi-automatic espresso machine will be perfect.


If you have all the money that you need at your disposal, with 3000-4000$, you can get yourself a huge espresso coffee machine. However, if you are on a tight budget, make sure you evaluate your needs thoroughly before proceeding to buy an espresso coffee machine for home use.

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I think I want a Rocket but am trying to find a good price in the US. I sometimes travel to Europe so I’m considering buying a 110V machine in Europe and bringing back on the airplane.

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