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Pastaline Sfogliafacile Maxi Manual Dough Sheeter - Mini_PC_caffe

Pastaline Sfogliafacile Maxi Manual Dough Sheeter

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The Mini & Maxi Sfogly machines are ideal not only for
 processing sweet icings, modelling chocolate and
marzipan, but also puff pastry and short – crust pastry.
These machines allow you to process any type of dough
or mixture with ease, but above all to draw dough
or mixture into thin, even sheets (up to 0.5mm).
Just a few passes of the dough or mixture through the
Mini o Maxi Sfogly will enable you to coat biscuits,
cupcakes and even rather large single or multi-layer cakes
with a perfect, even coating. Our dough rollers allow you to lay
multiple layers of different coloured icings on top of each other
 in order to create special and exciting designs and floral decorations.

Manufacturer:Pastaline By Velma
Roller size:60cm
Roller diamater:60mm
Thickness range:0-12mm
Case Material:stainless steel
Manufacturer Origin:Made in Italy