About us

Our business was started back in 2014 from our deep love and passion for both great coffee and  computers, then we decided to combine the two together to a one business and that's how MiniPCaffe.com was born.

Today we specialized not only in computers and espresso machines, but also in commercial and home use Ice cream makers, Pizza and pastry dough rollers and more.

We are proudly located in two main locations today:

1.In Italy for our great Italian made products (Espresso machines, Ice cream makers. dough rollers and more) that we ship from our company in Italy.

2.In China for our great customized Mini PCs that we are manufacturing in our company in China. 

Have any questions ? 

Please feel free to contact us by sending a message to our email: info@minipcaffe.com

Or VIA the chat by clicking on the messenger icon below or use one of our social media accounts (icons in the very bottom part of our website).